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          shenzhen ChengQiang Photoelectric Digital Co.,LTD. was founded in 1999, is a professional production of infrared receiving head manufacturer. Set the development, production, sales of infrared receiver manufacturers. Based on the Chinese, facing the global. After years of development, has formed the new enterprises currently set development, manufacturing, sales as one of the. The company has two dust-free workshop, bonding equipment more than 100 Taiwan, the production capacity of up to 600KPCS. Products are widely used in various household appliances field. Such as: DVD, VCD, TV, toys, electric fan, acoustics, air conditioning and other infrared remote control products.【Detail】
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          shenzhen ChengQiang Photoelectric Digital Co.,LTD

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          shenzhen ChengQiang Photoelectric Digital Co.,LTD
          Tel: 13723760701
          Phone: 0755-27661252
          Fax: 0755-27865183
          E-mail: xuchq2007@163.com
          Add: Baoan District Shenzhen City Shiyan town paddy Shilong Zi Private Road No. 4 strong science and Technology Park
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